• Escape the encroaching lava
  • Slash lanterns to gain height
  • Collect rice baskets for extra score


  • WASD
  • Space: Jump / Air Jump
  • Left Click: Horizontal Slash (Dashes Forward)
  • Right Click: Vertical Slash (Jumps Up)

Project is in development and very open to discussion

This game was made in about ~36 hours, but I'm very proud of it. If there is enough interest, I will add some complexity, additional modes, and many more features to it and launch on Steam. 

Leave comments & feature requests please!


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Version 6

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Just saw this on your twitter bio, decided to try it out.

I love the concept, but had to put the pause at max to make any headway. Maybe I'm just not cut out for this game...

At first I expected to be able to target the rice baskets, but that didn't seem to work. I found actually moving through jumps / WASD kind of distracting... I just wanted to click slash anything and everything. Had a lot of trouble even making it to the platforms intentionally, even with the 1s timer.

I also wasn't sure what the difference was between horizontal and vertical slices, if there is one. 

Not sure you're still working on this, but here's a couple of quick thoughts:

* Add a "Dog Ninja" mode with infinite pause

* Allow Lanterns to respawn over time (I ran out of the high lanterns)

* Make Lanterns more visible from the bottom / top (if them being hard to see wasn't intentional)

* Consider Targets that REQUIRE Vertical / Horizontal slices (wrong attack = health loss? temp loss of control?)

* Consider "Bonus" objects that go into a Fist of the North Star / Fruit Ninja button mash mode when hit and award points based on the number of slashes done during a time period

Anyway, I'm rambling at this point. I think it's cool though and has tons of potential! Could go any direction with it, really.

That's all great feedback.  I think I got really happy and excited with the feeling I got from the game, but failed to convey clearly what is going on for the player. I think we call this "Too close to the game" syndrome. 

I also really thought about fully converting it to no WASD. A touch or click based game where it was very action-y, fast strategy, but very simple controls. I think I kinda left as just an idea. 

As it is, I call it complete, despite it's flaws. It was an exercise to get me back into a groove that I had been funked out of for a while. Not exactly a "game jam", but I did it with the intention of getting it done quickly. 


I've taken a lot of the pieces of it and been working with another former n-Spacer to create something new, but similar. It's pretty neat and will be a much more complete game.

Sounds exciting - started following you on here so maybe I won't miss the next big thing! Good luck!

Needs bonus point for really far targets hit. Think Peggle's "Longshot" award.

I like this a lot. I like Peggle a lot.