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  • This is a very early build of a high concept prototype.  A beat 'em up with just the German suplex? Sounds silly, but then I designed it on paper, and started coding the next day. I was surprised with its unique feeling, depth, and player agency, even at an early stage.  I have so many places I'd like to take this, so please rate, comment, review, and donate if you want to see more!
  • Please use a controller!
    • If not, Arrow keys move you. X and Z are Suplex and Push. R and T are Reset and Taunt. Escape quits.
  • Suplex button: Grabs nearby opponent. Once you are holding an opponent, tap to do a release suplex or hold to do a pinning suplex.
  • Special button: If you are not holding an opponent, neutral Special will pull a nearby opponent toward you. If you are holding a horizontal direction, you will Slide attack to the furthest opponent. If you're holding an opponent, it will push them. Each of these require 1 pip of EX meter
  • Super: With full meter, Suplex + Special. A variety of crazy things happen as your meter drains, you are basically OP in this mode. Your EX abilities (above) are unlimited for this duration.
  • Pinning: Pinning opponent nets you much more power ups
  • Release suplexes: But release suplexes deal more damage
  • Taunt: You can taunt, which will slowly regain stamina. Press and hold Select or T after a suplex to taunt
  • Kip Up: You can kip up after a suplex, giving you extra iframes. Press suplex as you are getting up to Kip Up (You can mash in current build)
  • Up and Down: Hold up and down to get Everest and Snap variant suplexes. The Everest deals the most damage. The Snap can lead to a fast count pin.


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so cool prototype ..think cool for playstation :D

Uh oh! I'm seeing some bugs, I appreciate the video. What kind of specs do you have?